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  • 1 Jahr gültig
  • Kompatibel für die Leeventi Fernbedienung


Leeventi Teleprompter Software Lizenz – 1 Jahr gültig.

Die Leeventi Prompter Software kann mit der Leeventi Remote verwendet werden. Diese Software ist ausschließlich für den Leeventi Teleprompter programmiert worden. Daher funktioniert die Leeventi Remote nur mit der Leeventi Prompter Software.


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    Die Software ist sehr benutzerfreundlich, man findet sich schnell zurecht und die Bedienung ist einfach. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist super.

    Dezember 21, 2021
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    Cheap Crap not woth a Penny

    If you ever wonder why all positive Reviews always sound so alike? ….because comapnies can buy them, and this one very obviously needs to buy them.

    The Teleprompter they sell is cheap crap that is totally irresponsible on top of it, as it clearly adds to the Plastic-Trash-Mountain our planet is offering from as it is.

    But, hey, for the occasional youtube video it’d suffice, right?
    After “assembling” the teleprompter and somehow fiddling it on top of a tripod without that thing falling apart again right away, one turns hopeful to the software.
    …because if the actual “thing”doesn’t justify the price, the software surely will?
    Wrong again.
    Its not a “software” to begin with, but an online tool like many others out there that are for free, and most of them free ones, are also a lot better (which in this case doesnt mean much)
    Instructions come from the cheapest wannabe “actress” on one of the lousiest “happy-videos” I have ever seen, and then it is only a “one year license” you are actually getting.
    But you can “earn” “additional years” for giving them a positive feedback!
    (They sure do know why they need to offer that incentive)
    Almost needless to say, that that “online tool” doesn’t cut it and is not capable of the least bit of what you’d expect – and so it is hardly surprising that the remote doesn’t work either.
    Summary: I personally will not even bother to return the item, because this would just cause it to end up polluting our planet sooner than necessary.

    Dezember 3, 2021
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    Daniel Choi


    We have been using for our video production many months and it has been great software with voice teleprompter!
    Amazing product

    November 21, 2021
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    High School Euroinstitut

    PROJECTION SOFTWARE is easy to use, user friendly, it is a good helper for making education videos. We like it.

    November 17, 2021

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