Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I need a Teleprompter in general?

  • Problem: It is very tough to speak without stuttering infront of the camera
  • Solution: Leeventi Teleprompter enables you to speak fluently, professional and with confidence infront of the camera
  • TV Moderators using Teleprompters for ages
  • Get the Teleprompter by Leeventi and be professional like moderators in TV Studios

Q2. Why do I need the Leeventi Teleprompter ?

  • World market leader
  • Trusted by more than of 10000 Shoppers Worldwide
  • Leight (less than 600g)
  • It is transportable
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with an own developed software (
  • It is the “Original” since 10 Years
  • It compatible with ALL Recording devices on the market (Smartphones, Photo cameras, Camcorders so on…)
  • It has a smartphone holder included
  • It is compatible with ALL projection devices (Smartphones & Tablets)

Q3. Who are people Using the Teleprompters?

  • Broadcasting Studios
  • TV Studios
  • Professional Youtubers
  • Start Up Founders
  • CEO’s
  • Political Parties
  • Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Medical Experts
  • Vloggers
  • Martketing Agencies
  • Clubs & Organizations

Q4. Which recording device can i use ?

  • Smartphones  (All types, brands and sizes)
  • Tablets (All types, brands and sizes)
  • Camcorders (All types, brands and sizes)
  • Photocameras (All types, brands and sizes)
  • Video Cameras (All types, brands and sizes)

Q5. Which Projection device can i use ?

  • Tablet (every size)
  • Smartphones

Q6. Which Tripod can i use ?

Every tripod on the market. We recommend you to use the Leeventi Tripod.

Q7. What is included in the package ?

It depends which package you chose. Please have a look at the packages up.

Q8. Is software included ?

Yes there is software included. The Leeventi Software can be used 1 year for free. After that the software costs €12 from our store per year.

Q9. How much does the software cost ?

The first year is for free. One year additional license costs roughly 11,99€.

Q10. How does the remote work ?

Please have a look at the menu – You will find a detailed description.

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