How to set up the Leeventi Teleprompter ?
1) Reflective Glass
2) Plate Buttom
3) Plate Top
4) Towel
5) Foam Rubber Sticks
6) Tripod Screw
7) Nut


8) Pins
9) Clips
10) Remote
11) Smartphone Holder
12) Prompter Siteholder Right
13) Prompter Siteholder Left


Prompter Sightholder- Leeventi Teleprompter

Mount left Prompter Siteholder (13) with the Plate Buttom (2)

Connect Prompter Siteholder (12) with Plate Buttom (2) through Pins (8)

Repeat the same exercise for the right Prompter Sitehoder (12)

Prompter Tripod - Leeventi Teleprompter

Repeat the same step with the top plate (3)

Use the nut to mount the prompter on the tripod (7)

Quality Teleprompter - Leeventi Teleprompter

Place the reflective glass (1) into the Teleprompter.

Place the towel (4) over the Teleprompter. Connect it with 2 clips (9).

Easy to use Remote Control - Leeventi Teleprompter

Connect the site of the towel on the Teleprompter with another clip (9)

Teleprompter with towels on top - Leeventi Teleprompter

Repeat the same exercise on the other site and remove white steal clip from the Teleprompter. (For a better design)


You can remove now the 2 clips from the top. The 2 clips of the site will be sufficient to hold the towel on the teleprompter.


Use the Foam Rubber Sticks (8) and place them on the buttom plate (as can be seen on the picture). You can now place a smartphone or tablet ( max  size 20cm x 25cm)


Mount your recording device through the smartphone holder (11) for a smartphone or just a camera with the tripod screw (6) on the top plate (3)