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Teleprompter by Leeventi v 4.0 (including remote control)

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  • Worldwide shipment into every country (delivery time out of europe 3-5 days) 
  • Cost effective kit
  • Simple, fast & tool-free assembly
  • INCLUDING SOFTWARE FOR REMOTE CONTROL & PROJECTION (unlimited license for one device)
  • Delivery w/o tripod
  • 24h customer service
Recording device  – Photocamera

All photo cameras & hand cameras (Sony, Canon, Nixon, etc.) with the appropriate size can be placed on the shelf.

Recording device – Smartphone

The smartphone holder is suitable for all smartphones (Apple, Sony, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, etc.)

Recording device – TV-Camera

Professional TV cameras (DSLR, HDVCAM, XDCAM, NXCAM, etc.) can be placed behind the kit with a second tripod.

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Leeventi Teleprompter – fits on any tripod

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras. Leeventi Teleprompter is characterized by its compatibility with all devices and tripods. It is suitable for use with iPads/tablets, as well as with various cell phones with a maximum size of 25cm x 30cm.You can manage the control of the text using the remote control from Leeventi* and the software specially developed for it.*Remote control works only with this software (Voice Teleprompter).

  • Large screen ✓ The reflective screen measures 28cm x 19cm (TV studio size) and enables comfortable reading for the eyes. You can still read your text nicely from 5-6 meters.
  • Multi-device compatibility ✓ The teleprompter kit is compatible with any smartphones (including smartphone holders), tablets, photo cameras, video cameras and can be mounted on all types of tripods.
  • Reliable Software ✓ With the in-house developed projection software voice-teleprompter and the remote control from Leeventi you get everything from one place.
  • 8 years on the market✓ With our many years of experience we were able to develop an affordable teleprompter, which delivers perfect video recording results.
  • Special reflective glass ✓ The reflective glass of the Leeventi Teleprompter enables perfect contrast with full reflection of your script and at the same time keeps 100% of the brightness for your video recording.

Prompter with large reflection screen (28x19cm).

A very good reflective screen with high transmittance is especially important for shooting, as well as a having legible text. With a screen size of 28cm x 19cm, the high quality reflection screen of the Leeventi Prompter enables trouble-free long-distance shots from up to 6 meters away.

Leeventi remote control & software – all from one source

With a remote control, you can not only flawlessly control the flow of your text, but also add spontaneous thoughts at any time. Simply stop at the appropriate point and let your creativity run free, then resume at the planned point.

The Leeventi remote control only works with the Voice Teleprompter software. As of now, the license for it is no longer limited to one year. In addition, we also offer premium apps in the IOS or Android Store.

Compatible with wide-angle lenses

The Leeventi Teleprompter can be used with wide-angle lenses. To do this, position the recording unit directly behind the reflective screen.

Suitable for Zoom, Go To & Skype meetings

The Leeventi Teleprompter is perfect for Zoom meetings. Simply position your USB webcam on the teleprompter. With the Share Desk software, you can mirror your PC screen to a tablet. This is the perfect way to hold meetings.

GoPro & USB Webcams

As one of the few teleprompters on the market, this teleprompter is perfect for Go Pro or USB webcams. Simply attach the recording device to the teleprompter with the tripod screw.

Compatible with heavy cameras

The Autocue/Prompter/Teleprompter from Leeventi can also be used with heavy cameras. Simply use a second tripod behind the teleprompter. Tripods can also be purchased directly from Leeventi.

The smartphone mount is suitable for all smartphones (Apple, Sony, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, etc.). You can also use webcams and GoPro cameras for recording with the Leeventi Teleprompter.
All photo cameras & handheld cameras (Sony, Canon, Nixon, etc.) of the appropriate size can be positioned behind the teleprompter with or without a second tripod (e.g. Leeventi tripods).
Professional TV cameras (DSLR, HDVCAM, XDCAM, NXCAM, etc.) can be set up with a second tripod behind the kit.


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Dimensions33 × 25 × 5 cm

3 reviews for Teleprompter by Leeventi v 4.0 (including remote control)

  1. Sveva

    Good quality, easy to build and just so much better than all those expensive things you find on Amazon. I would suggest it!

  2. Tomas

    This is a great prompter for low budget shooting. I use it a lot.

  3. Marc Steiner

    Bin sehr positiv überrascht, nachdem ich erst dachte, ob das für den Preis wirklich brauchbare und gute Qualität sein kann. Die Teile für den Zusammenbau kamen gut verpackt und gegen Kratzer sehr geschützt in einem kleinen und ansprechendem Karton an. Zusammenbau ist sehr einfach und im YouTube-Video verständlich gezeigt und erklärt. Die Teile sind soweit alle aus Plastik, was mich etwas stutzig machte. Ist aber völlig ausreichend und gut durchdacht. Die Schärfe- und Kontrast-Qualität des Textes ist auch bei einem weiteren Abstand enorm gut und sehr einfach zu lesen. Durch die Hand oder sogar Fußfernbedienung einfach zu steuern. Vor allem die Fußfernbedienung macht es einfach, wenn man alleine ist und nicht die Handfernbedienung für eine Sendung in der Hand haben kann. Von mir eine absolute Kaufempfehlung. Auch der Kontakt zum Service von Leeventi war einwandfrei. Schnell, freundlich und unkompliziert.

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