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Balcony power plant - solar system 440 Wp (4 panels + inverter)

Solar system (set of 4 panels a 110 Wp) – SIMPLY PLUG INTO THE SOCKET AND SAVE MONEY.

Key benefits:

  • flexible panels
  • screwable
  • sutiable for balcony, carport, lawn, roof, garage
  • feeds the electricity directly into the socket



What does the solar plant include?

This is a plug-in solar system (also called balcony power plant). This solar system consists of 4 solar panels, an inverter and a Schuko plug (230 volt connection). The inverter is used to transform the self-produced electricity to 230V so that it can be fed into the socket.

The solar panels are flexible. They can be glued and screwed. From the inverter comes a 230 volt plug including cable (6m long). You can simply plug this into the socket.

How does the solar system work?

Fix the solar system with screws / mounting glue / lying on a place with as much sun as possible (e.g. outside balcony, carport, lawn, roof, garage).
The solar panels are connected to an inverter (simply by plug-in connection). A 230V cable comes out of the inverter.
The 230V cable is plugged into a socket in your apartment / house (e.g. outdoor socket).
The solar system produces electricity as soon as the sun shines and feeds the electricity directly into the socket.
Your consumers (lamps, refrigerator, TV, etc.) first draw power from the solar system. The solar system takes the remaining electricity from the public grid. If you have an old electricity meter, it will even turn backwards if too much electricity is produced. This is not possible with the new digital meters.

Scope of delivery:

4 solar panels (110 Wp; 113cm x 52cm; 2mm thick)
Inverter (maximum output power 400 Watt)
Connectors to connect
Schuko cable (6m) with plug for power outlet


Additional information inverter:

Model GTB-400
Maximum Input Power 400 Watt
Maximum voltage 50V
Communication Wifi / App
Maximum Ampere Power 20A
CE Approved Yes
Maximum Output Efficiency 95%
Splashproof yes (IP 65)
Suitable for outdoor temperatures -40°C to +60°C

Additional information Solar Panel:

Type Monocrystalline
Size 113cm x 52cm x 2mm
Power 110 Wp
Weight 2Kg
Voltage 19,25V
Operating temperature -20°C to 65°C
Durability 95% power after 15 years
Manufacturer Leeventi


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