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Leeventi® Teleprompter 4.0

Key benefits:

  • Large screen ✓ The reflective screen measures 28cm x 19cm (TV studio size) and enables comfortable reading for the eyes. You can still read your text nicely from 5-6 meters.
  • Multi-device compatibility ✓ The teleprompter kit is compatible with any smartphones (including smartphone holders), tablets, photo cameras, video cameras and can be mounted on all types of tripods.
  • Reliable Software ✓ With the in-house developed projection software voice-teleprompter and the remote control from Leeventi you get everything from one place.
  • 8 years on the market✓ With our many years of experience we were able to develop an affordable teleprompter, which delivers perfect video recording results.
  • Special reflective glass ✓ The reflective glass of the Leeventi Teleprompter enables perfect contrast with full reflection of your script and at the same time keeps 100% of the brightness for your video recording.



Start your video recordings with the most affordable Teleprompter on the market.

Leeventi Teleprompter is characterized by its compatibility with all devices and tripods. It is suitable for use with iPads/tablets, as well as with various cell phones with a maximum size of 20cm x 25cm.

You can manage the control of the text using the remote control from Leeventi and the software specially developed for it.

Scope of delivery:
2x aluminum plates,
2x frames,
1x cover cloth,
1x Leeventi remote control,
1x unlimited voice teleprompter software license (1 device, 1 year duration),
1x smartphone holder (For recording with smartphone),
1x tripod screw (for connecting recording devices),
1x reflective disc,
2x clips for fixing the cover cloth,
1x anti-slip pads for projection devices (smartphone/tablet),
1x tripod nut for mounting on a tripod


Additional information:

Weight 600gramm
Dimensions reflective glass 30 x 40 x 3cm
Size Assembled 22 x 25 x 30cm
Material ABS
Package size 23 x 30 x 3cm

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 5 cm

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    Low cost solution to get the job done

    Very effective tool for reasonable price. Highly recommended.

    May 3, 2022
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    We’ll made for the price. Does what I expected and needed. Would highly recommend.

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