Leeventi Remote Instructions

1 Before you connect your device

Charge the remote Set the remote on "GAMEMODE"


2 Where to get the Leeventi Software

Go to www.voice-teleprompter.com Login with your code

3 How to connect the Leeventi Remote with your device

Press Start & Top Button for 3-5 seconds till blue light starts blinking. Try to find Mocuto on your device through Bluetooth. Connect your device

4 How to operate the device

Press the triangle button to pause the scrolling of the text

5 How to reset the device

If there are any problems with the device please reset the device On the back you can find a small button which you can press for 5 seconds

6 After you are done

Go into your Bluetooth settings, disconnect and ignore the remote until the next time you use it, otherwise you might not have a keyboard to type on.