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How to run the Teleprompter


Place Recording Device


Option 1: Place projection device tablet


Option 2: Place projection device smartphone


Go on and start the recording


Light (500G) & Transportable

Remote Included

Innovative Software Included (AI App)

Market Leader

Trusted by 10,000 shoppers worldwide

Compatible with different sizes of Androd-tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface

Compatible with all types of recording devices

Includes a smartphone holder

Why choose Leeventi Prompter?

Compatible with all tablets and smartphones for projection of the text (Tablet mit den max size): 20cm x 25cm

Smartphones Ipad Air, Ipad, 11″ ipad Pro Android Tablets Microsoft surface

Compatible with all recording devices on the market

All photocameras & camcorders (Sony, Canon, Nixon) All Smartphones (Apple, Sony, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus)

In-house developed software

Customized for Leeventi Teleprompter & Remote control (no third party sofware)

Big screen reflection

Enables you to read the text clearly from the Teleprompter – also with distance

World wide delivery

We offer the delivery of the Leeventi Teleprompter to all countries worldwide. (Delivery time out of europe 3-5 days)

Compatible with USB Cameras

The Leeventi Teleprompter can also be used with USB Webcams. Just place the camera on the Leeventi Teleprompter and start recording.

Fast shipment guaranteed!


Recording Device - Smartphone

The smartphone holder is suitable for all smartphones (Apple, Sony, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, etc.).

Recording Device - Photo Camera

All photo cameras & hand cameras (Sony, Canon, Nixon, etc.) in different sizes can be used with the Leeventi Teleprompter.

Recording Device - TV Camera

Professionelle TV Cameras (DSLR, HDVCAM, XDCAM, NXCAM, etc.) can be used with the Leeventi Teleprompter in combination with a second tripod.

How does the Leeventi Prompter Software Work?

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Compatible with all devices

This means you don’t have to undergo the hassles of finding a specific device or tripod to use the Leeventi Teleprompter. Moreover, this teleprompter is simple and fast to assemble.

You only need a recording device such as a video camera, smartphone or photo camera, and a projection device to use the device.

The Leeventi teleprompter weighs less than 600g, making it one of the lightweight teleprompters in the market. So it’s easy to transport and store.

Projection device:

All projection devices: smartphones, tablets (Android & Ipads; max 20cm x 25cm ) are compatible with the Leeventi Teleprompter. Just go on and use our projection app to with your projection device.


Be professional like a TV moderator

With the Teleprompter by Leeventi you can read a script while recording a video
This enables you to speak fluently infront of the Camera like a TV Moderator
The Leeventi Software (see link here) enables you to project the text


3 Steps to make the teleprompter work

Please place a projection device in the teleprompter (Smartphone / Tablet)

Mount a Videorecording Device (Smartphone, Camcorder, Photocamcorder) on the Leeventi Teleprompter

Go on


Easy to use

Turn on the software. Project your text with your smartphone or tablet and your teleprompter is ready to start.